Testing Arduino Mega 2560 With 20×4 LCD

This post will show how a LCD 20×4 can be tested with Arduino. Things you need :

  1. Arduino Board (I have Arduino Mega 2560) with power input.
  2. 20×4 LCD. This procedure will also work with 16×4 , 16×2 and 16×1.
  3. Wires.
  4. Bread board.



Step 1 :   Set your board like this, make sure where is 16th and 1st pin on LCD.


Step 2 :  Provide power to the breadboard. To the upper line connect +5V from Arduino Mega 2560 and to lower line connect GND from Arduino Mega 2560. I was out of proper colored wires so I used Green for ground and Yellow for +5V.


Step 3 : Connect the back light for the LCD. Connect pin 16th of LCD to GND on breadboard and pin 15th of LCD to +5V of breadboard.


Step 4 :  Plug in the USB to Serial cable from Laptop to Arduino Mega 2560.


Step 5 : As soon as you plug in the cable Arduino gets powered up and LCD lights up. If it isn’t working the check for loose connections and pin connections.