Hands On : VNC2 Debug/Programmable & V2DIP1-32 Module

Got two modules which are to be used for one project. These are VNC2 Debug Module (Left Pic), which allows debugging and programming for Vinculum II Embedded Dual USB Host IC and another is V2DIP1-32 Module (Right Pic) which is designed to allow rapid development of USB Host using the VNC2-32Q IC.


FTDI is the most sort out leader in providing USB solutions. With the help of above two modules, one will be able to test the precompiled firmware or can also design from scratch using the excellent Toolchain and IDEtargeted for FTDI modules and IC’s providing USB solution.

The VNC2 Debug and Programmable Module gets attached to the V2DIP1-32 Module using male female connector. Then the VNC2 Module is attached to the PC loaded with the Toolchain in order for one to either upload the precompiled firmware or to upload the new firmware made from scratch depending upon the requirement.


Both modules are too small and this is the first time I have seen such a small debugging and programming module. Above one can see the snapshot showing the difference. The one with USB port is the Development module and the one hanging on pins on right is the debug/programmable module.