Aug 2014 15

Last week I decided to switch to password managers in order to test and understand how helpful they are. First thing was to read technical reviews from major tech website. After doing lot of research and analysis I zeroed on Dashlane. The reason to use Dashlane: free six month premium offer, better user interface, syncs across devices and a strong team. So far, I am happy with how things have gone and I am hopeful to continue with Dashlane given the amount of time I save not entering those passwords which are eventually hacked.


Jul 2014 26

Back in 2010, during my undergraduate I (with my friends) gave a talk on Witricity: Wireless Transmission of Electricity . That time wireless transmission of electricity was almost unheard of, and even smartphones were not equipped with wireless charging. Last couple of years there has been a surge in wireless charging/transmission solutions and companies have formed consortium called Wireless Power Consortium to help increase the adoption of Qi. [..]

Jul 2014 18

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now the standard communication protocol used by smart devices. If you are looking to get started with BLE, then you need two things:

1) Bluetooth Smart Devices: Those devices which gather information using sensors, later to be used for further analysis.

2) Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices: These are the devices which make use of the information gathered by Bluetooth smart devices to be displayed in human readable form.


Jun 2014 24

Intel at International Supercomputing Conference announced Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors, code-named Knights Landing. The main feature of Knights Landing will be the hybrid memory cube, which provides almost 15x performance compared to today’s RAM.


Jun 2014 18

Mobile devices are everywhere, so are the interactive operation systems on them. Post Android OS success and acceptance by many OEM, there has been a surge in terms of number of operating system targeting mobile devices. Some of these are Android Forked OS like Fire OS and CyanogenMod, and few are based on Linux core, such as Sailfish OS.

Recently, I landed on a presentation by Genymobile team, explaining how to port Tizen OS on Android powered devices. The one slide in the presentation which acquired my attention was the one explaining how mobile OS and projects have evolved over the years. The flow chart on that slide is shown below, and it is interesting to see how many opensource projects came together to develop operating systems, and eventually trickled down to give one or other form of Mobile OS. The chart doesn’t show Android OS, there is one more infographic explaining different mobile OS evolution.


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