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Government of India (GoI) is really good at rolling out new policies, massive infrastructure projects and legislative bills. The question of whether such initiatives will be implemented is imaginary. Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India is one ministry, whose sole purpose till date has been introduction of policies targeting Indian tech community.

Few policies/plans initiated by DeitY:


Sep 2014 15

In July 2010, then Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal unveiled a prototype of a tablet called Aakash (commercially known as Ubislate) and since then it has seen three commercial versions and fourth is in pipeline. The main purpose of this project is to distribute low-cost subsidized tablet to students in universities and colleges across India in order to create an e-learning platform. This idea was well received by many in tech industry and even Vivek Wadhwa saw immense potential in it and so did I.

With time this project saw multiple hiccups, development issues and now with change in governance, to me this project is just days away from being shelved. One of the main threat to Aakash project is recently announced Android One by Google, which was launched today. Android One has been developed for emerging markets with active involvement of Google, similar to the process followed for Nexus devices. Not only that, Android One will see manufacturing from national companies and that is a huge boost to “Make In India.”

Let’s see how Google will smack down Aakash Project:


Sep 2014 14

Computer architecture research involves heavy use of simulators, most of these simulators are cycle-approximate simulators (CAS) implemented using imperative (C), object oriented (C++) and multi-paradigm (Python) languages. Some of the widely used simulators are Gem5, GPGPU-Sim and McPAT.

In an ideal case, in computer architecture one would like to work with languages that are easy on the construction of synthesizable register-transfer-level and close to hardware design. Hardware Description languages (HDL) come under this category, which are heavily used in VLSI research and in industry, but not in computer architecture research. SystemVerilog, Verilog or VHDL are examples of these. [..]

Sep 2014 12

There has always been a debate over which instruction set architecture (ISA) is better, RISC or CISC. The research led by Prof. Krste Asanović and Prof. David A. Patterson at University of California, Berkeley (UCB) takes radical approach towards ISA. They have come up with an Open ISA called RISC-V. It might remind you of SPARC and OpenRISC, however this open ISA is very different in terms of features.


( Image Courtesy: Instruction Sets Should Be Free: The Case For RISC-V )


Aug 2014 15

Last week I decided to switch to password managers in order to test and understand how helpful they are. First thing was to read technical reviews from major tech website. After doing lot of research and analysis I zeroed on Dashlane. The reason to use Dashlane: free six month premium offer, better user interface, syncs across devices and a strong team. So far, I am happy with how things have gone and I am hopeful to continue with Dashlane given the amount of time I save not entering those passwords which are eventually hacked.


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