Jul 2014 18

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now the standard communication protocol used by smart devices. If you are looking to get started with BLE, then you need two things:

1) Bluetooth Smart Devices: Those devices which gather information using sensors, later to be used for further analysis.

2) Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices: These are the devices which make use of the information gathered by Bluetooth smart devices to be displayed in human readable form.


Jun 2014 24

Intel at International Supercomputing Conference announced Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors, code-named Knights Landing. The main feature of Knights Landing will be the hybrid memory cube, which provides almost 15x performance compared to today’s RAM.


Jun 2014 18

Mobile devices are everywhere, so are the interactive operation systems on them. Post Android OS success and acceptance by many OEM, there has been a surge in terms of number of operating system targeting mobile devices. Some of these are Android Forked OS like Fire OS and CyanogenMod, and few are based on Linux core, such as Sailfish OS.

Recently, I landed on a presentation by Genymobile team, explaining how to port Tizen OS on Android powered devices. The one slide in the presentation which acquired my attention was the one explaining how mobile OS and projects have evolved over the years. The flow chart on that slide is shown below, and it is interesting to see how many opensource projects came together to develop operating systems, and eventually trickled down to give one or other form of Mobile OS. The chart doesn’t show Android OS, there is one more infographic explaining different mobile OS evolution.


Jun 2014 15

We all have been waiting for this moment: when will the GoalLine technology, introduced by FIFA in the ongoing World Cup 2014 will be tested. The time came during France vs Honduras group stage match at 49:20.


May 2014 03

Intel, which missed the opportunity in mobile processor market, is betting big on wearable technologies. To grab this market, they have taken the first step forward by introducing  a development board, Intel Galileo, built with Intel Quark SoC. I got this board, it is based on Arduino and is also compatible with all the Arduino shields, and comes with different power connectors, as this board for now is an international version.


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